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TSS Immigration delivers information and insights into Australian immigration in a variety of formats - from radio interviews and webinars to information sheets and specific advice. Our migration agents have more than 140 years of collective experience, enabling them to offer expert commentary on the state of Australian immigration.

Sep 7 2018

The Project - Partner Visa Applications Putting Relationships on Hold

Michael Walker

Michael appeared recently on Chanel Ten’s The Project in a segment interrogating the lengthy processing times faced by partner visa applicants.

Jan 31 2018

SBS Australia - Changes to Australian Visas, What to Expect in 2018

Michael Walker

Michael recently appeared on an episode of SBS’s Settlement Guide Podcast to explain the changes facing new migrants in 2018.

Nov 21 2017

AHRI Webinar - The Visa Landscape: what to expect after 2018

Michael Walker

March 2018 will see the next step in the Turnbull governments significant changes to skilled migration visas come into effect.

Nov 17 2017

Business Insider - Checkworkrights Featured Alongside Xero and Atlassian as Need-To-Know Technology - 17 November 2017

Will Aldous

As checkworkrights hits the apple app store, Businesses Insider showcases the legal compliance and management workflow benefits of our new app.

Sep 13 2017

Lateline - Will Aldous Interviewed About Changes to 457 Visa - 13 September 2017

Will Aldous

Hospitality Industry Experts Fear Changes to 457 Visas Will Cripple Aussie Food Industry.

May 19 2017

Shortlist - Webinar with Michael Walker and John Unger - 19 May 2017

Michael Walker

Changes to overseas worker sponsorship have thrown up considerable challenges for organisations managing workers under the existing scheme.

Mar 30 2017

HR Daily - Webinar with Michael Walker and John Unger - 30 March 2017

John Unger

John and Michael appeared on an HR Daily webinar, sharing advice on compliance with current Australian visa legislation.

Mar 21 2017

Shortlist – Webcast with Michael Walker and John Unger – 21 March 2017

John Unger

In a recent Shortlist webinar Michael Walker and John Unger commented on many key issues plaguing Australian recruitment teams.

Feb 28 2017

HR Daily - Interview with Michael Walker - 28 February 2017

Michael Walker

TSS Immigration Services Manager Michael Walker told HR Daily that in more than 16 years of working in this field he had not experienced the current level of employer request for assistance with 457 ‘genuineness’ criteria.

Nov 23 2016

SBS Radio - Interview with John Unger - 22 November 2016

John Unger

John recently appeared on SBS Radio, commenting on The DIBP’s restructuring of temporary activity visa subclasses.

Apr 6 2016

AHRI Webinar – 2016 Immigration Update with a focus on compliance

Madalina Philips

The Australian Human Resources Institute hosts Michael Walker and Maddie Phillips from TSS Immigration as they update you on the immigration landscape for 2016

Oct 30 2015

Webinar: What happens when your employees change visas? Is your business at risk?

Michael Walker

Do you have questions around your employees transitioning to other visas? Listen to Michael Walker and Lauren Slack run through a variety of scenarios from an Employer perspective.

Jun 12 2015

Webinar: 457 Visas – Strategies to Maintain Compliance and Minimise Risk

Will Aldous

Will Aldous and Michael Walker from TSS Immigration clarify your employer sponsorship obligations and take you through strategies to assist in the management of your visa holding employees in relation to compliance and record keeping.

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Michael Walker

Visa Services Manager

Michael has more than 16 years' experience in the immigration field, and specialist experience in all Australian visa subclasses, as well as large audits, and compliance and migration training for corporate HR teams.

Michael is the immediate past National Vice President and Branch President Victoria/Tasmania of the Migration Institute of Australia, and his experience includes making submissions on Australia's migration program and policy to government.