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Business Insider - Checkworkrights Featured Alongside Xero and Atlassian as Need-To-Know Technology - 17 November 2017

Written By Will Aldous | Fri, Nov 17, 2017 Will Aldous

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Having just released our recently developed iPhone app onto the Apple App Store, Business Insider interviewed director Will Aldous as to the features and benefits of the visa management platform.

“We have seen a number of instances recently where CheckWorkRights and a simple scan of a worker’s passport could have saved a business from serious fines due to non-compliance,” said CheckWorkRoghts co-founder Will Aldous.

“Many businesses who we work with are surprised to learn they are non-compliant and at risk of serious penalties and reputational damage, and were previously unaware of their obligations to do regular checks on the expiry dates and conditions of their employees’ visas.”

The app is available on the Apple App Store now, as well as online through any web browser. An Android Store release is currently in development, due for release as in the coming months.

Read the whole story at business insider, alongside Xero and Atlassian.

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