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SBS Radio - Interview with John Unger - 22 November 2016

Written By John Unger | Wed, Nov 23, 2016 John Unger

The new temporary activity visa framework will replace seven visa subclasses with four new subclasses. It’s a move welcomed by Melbourne-based migration agent John Unger who is a director of TSS Immigration.

“The fact that all applicants for subclass 400 visas will be able to lodge electronically, it’s good news say if a business urgently needs help from a skilled person in China or India. It promises to be a significant improvement.”

“An example of a recent set of 400 visas that my company assisted with was for specialist technicians in the construction of a new public aquarium in Cairns. The technicians who needed 400 visas all came from the United States the applications could be lodged online and the visas were granted in a matter of days.”

Read More or listen to John’s full interview on SBS.

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