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Avoid Australian Visa Fraud with the Help of Registered Migration Agents

Written By Maryke Wylde
Fri, Aug 5, 2016
Maryke Wylde

In order to combat visa fraud, The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) has recently reinforced the importance of seeking immigration assistance from Registered Migration Agents, who are subject to a strict Code of Conduct and ethical obligations.

Following recent media interest in fraudulent 457 visas the Department of Immigration has stated that visa fraud is a high operational priority and has introduced measures to identify, target and respond to serious misconduct, fraud and corruption in the immigration system. They have also increased their resources to investigate visa applications.

In Australia, Migration Agents are subject to a strict Code of Conduct and ethical obligations. They must be registered with the Australian Government body, The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), to legally provide immigration advice. According to MARA, seeking advice from a non-registered migration agent could expose you to the risk of migration fraud by someone who is not accountable for their actions or who has limited knowledge of Australian immigration practices.

In explaining the rigorous standards applying to her organisation’s members National President of the MIA Angela Julian-Armitage stated, “As the peak professional body for Registered Migration Agents and Migration Lawyers, the Migration Institute of Australia considers any form of professional misconduct very serious which is why we draft our own professional code of conduct to serve as an adjunct to The Government’s Migration Agents Registration Authority’s Code.”

“Migrating to Australia is not an easy or inexpensive process, which is why people need to use the services of Registered Migration Agents. I say, without hesitation, that Migration Institute of Australia members are best placed to assist migrants, not only with their journey to Australia, but with any visa needs they may encounter whilst here,” Ms Julian-Armitage added. 

TSS Immigration are members of the MIA and its Migration Agents are registered with the Office of the MARA, following the code of conduct as detailed here.

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