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International Immigration Summary – Japan

Written By Maryke Wylde
Tue, Feb 28, 2017
Maryke Wylde

Japan’s immigration system is in place to:
    - Allow visitors and immigrants to come to Japan to contribute to Japan’s economy
    - Prevent workers from coming to Japan to directly compete for employment with Japanese citizens

There are 27 types of visas for Japan and the requirements as well as the activities you are authorized to carry out, vary for each visa.

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Working in Japan
Working visas in Japan are only granted to those with high-level professional skills or knowledge. Some of the visa types include: Professor, Journalist, Intra-Company Transfer, Engineer and Artist. There are varying criteria for eligibility for each visa, details can be found here.

Japan’s system provides for business visits / attend an academic conference for up to 90 days. Some nationals are visa exempt for the purpose of business visits.

Note that upon entry, local registration is required. A reentry permit is required to travel outside of Japan and maintain legal status.

The governments of Australia and Japan commenced a Working Holiday arrangement on 1 December 1980, which allows Australian’s between the ages of 18 – 30 year to obtain a Japanese Working Holiday visa. To apply you must be an Australian citizen residing in Australia with a minimum of $2500 to cover costs during the initial period in Japan.
Further details are available here

Visiting Japan

Some nationals will need a visa when visiting Japan for less than 90 days as a tourist. The list of countries that are exempt is here.

It is possible to obtain a double entry holiday visa is some cases.

Studying in Japan

To study in Japan you will need:
    - Admission approval from the Japanese educational institution you have been accepted into
    - A valid passport
    - Visa from Japanese Embassy or Consulate from your home country
    - Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence (if already issued)

Further details in relation to studying in Japan and details of applicable status of residence can be found here.

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