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More Flexibility on the ‘2 year’ Rule for ENS and RSMS Visas

Written By Will Aldous
Tue, Jul 8, 2014
Will Aldous

Effective from 1 July 2014, the Department of Immigration will relax the requirements for ENS/RSMS applicants, wishing to apply under the Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) pathway.

The TRT pathway is for applicants who have spent at least 2 years working for a nomination employer, while holding a 457 visa, seeking permanent residency under the nomination of their Australian employer.

Previously, if an Australian employer was to change their business structure, including business name, ABN or if the business was sold, the 2 years was re-set, at the time these change of circumstances occurring. However, the Department of Immigration has decided that the policy in place, previous to the proposed 1 July change, was too restrictive. Accordingly, the change in policy direction will provide greater flexibility for ENS/RSMS applicants, seeking to gain permanent residency under the nomination of their sponsoring employer.

If you would like a full assessment as to your eligibility for permanent residency, under the TRT pathway, please do not hesitate to contact one of TSS Immigration’s Registered Migration Agents.

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