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Repeal of certain Family Stream Visa Classes

Written By Will Aldous
Wed, Jun 4, 2014
Will Aldous

The Minister for Immigration has introduced legislation, which was passed through Parliament, that has seen the removal of certain family visa classes, which were previously available for application. Effective as of the 2nd June 2014, the affected visas are as follows:

- Parent Visa (subclass 103)

- Aged Parent Visa (subclass 804)

- Aged Dependent Relative Visa (subclasses 114 and 838)

- Remaining Relative Visa (subclasses 115 and 835)

- Carer Visa (subclasses 116 and 836)

Note, that any applications for these visas, which have been lodged before 2 June 2014, will continue to process.

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