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Upcoming AHRI Webinar: Surviving 457 Visa Sponsorship

Written By Lee Smith
Mon, Apr 10, 2017
Lee Smith

Michael Walker and John Unger are hosting a webinar on the 4th of May, in conjunction with the Australian Human Resources Institute, discussing the requirements around various scenario’s in relation to sponsoring 457 visa holders.

The webinar will cover problems encountered by our potential and current clients including: How do you become a Visa Sponsor? What if you are a start-up organisation? What is the Training Benchmark? How do you ensure you maintain compliance as a Standard Business Sponsor?

All Australian employers who are about to engage with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in 457 sponsorship and those who already sponsor 457 visa holders will potentially have an interest in this presentation.

Attending this webinar will assist participants to understand:
How to become an Australian visa sponsor
The details around the Training Benchmarks required
How to maintain Australian visa sponsorship

Learning Objectives:
Gain an understanding of standard business sponsorship, including as a start-up company, associated entity or overseas company
Clarify the questions around Training Benchmarks
Understand the requirements for Australian employers in relation to sponsorship obligations and maintaining ongoing sponsorship

Enrol in the latest webinar hosted by Michal and John on the 4th of May at 12pm at AHRI.

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