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Upcoming Webinar with HR Daily: Sponsoring Overseas Talent and Maintaining Compliance

Written By John Unger
Tue, Feb 21, 2017
John Unger

With the growing importance of tapping into the global talent market, it has become essential for businesses to ensure their legal compliance when it comes to employing professionals from overseas.

Furthermore given the recent media coverage of many high profile businesses found to be non-compliant during immigration audits, having up-to-date knowledge of employee sponsorship requirements and obligations is vital for sponsoring employers.

In collaboration with HR Daily we are hosting a webinar addressing 457 sponsorship, compliance, and preparing for an immigration audit; presented by two of our registered migration agents: John Unger (Director of Immigration) and Michael Walker (Visa Services Manager).

Other topics will include:
  •  Legislative changes that might impact your current workforce and future sponsorship opportunities;
  •  Practical guidance for tracking, managing and reporting on visa-holding employees;
  •  Special considerations when dismissing sponsored workers;
  •  Best practices when transitioning sponsored workers to permanent residency

HR Daily have also invited participants to submit questions by email ahead of the webinar for John and Michael to answer.

Join us on Thursday the 23rd of March from 11 am until 12:30 pm for this comprehensive immigration webinar.

To register your attendance or for more information please visit http://hrdaily.com.au/webinar-2017-sot

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